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We are Lions.  Why do we act like Sheep?  I spent so much of my life believing the self-limiting, self-defeating thoughts that kept me in the pasture.  Thank God I ...

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5 Things I Never Said, Till Living on an Ashram

          1. “Ugg, I wish she would stop coughing! I am trying to play with my chi!” 2. “Maybe I should stop wearing a bra too? ...,r:14,s:288,i:50

Comfort Food Won’t Help: Identifying the Imposter

Underlying all trauma is the consequent feeling of powerlessness. The other day I over-reacted to somebody with anger for what I felt was her irrationality.  While true, she didn’t deserve ...

Kula Journal, Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her

  Thinking, writing, reading. Cold, dry, stale air. Fluorescent lighting. Cement walls. Computer screens. Flat lifeless pictures of life. Ideas about life. Talking, talking, talking. I am evolving. We are ...

Kula Journal, I am God, Damnit

I am God, Dammit!

A few years ago I was talking with my guru, Ma Jaya, in a very small room with a handful of people. She was kicking my ass, something she was ...

Kula Journal

Easy Peasy Shortbread

11 x 17″ pan Oven Temp: 305 Bake Time: 30-45 min INGREDIENTS 1 pound butter 1 & 1/2 cup sugar or 1 cup brown sugar packed 4 cups flour Cream ...