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We love community and hope to grow in consciousness and numbers by sharing ideas and inspirations through this site. Our community is made up of students, teachers and curious minds of many different schools and thoughts of yoga. Join us online or on the mat!


Kula Journal, Durgaya Palmieri, Kashi Ashram Durgaya Palmieri is the creator and yoga instructor behind Kula Journal. Her love of yoga and community has lead her to the create KJ and to continue to seek out new contributors and readers who will enrich our yoga community with truly inspirational post, teachings and musings. Durgaya recently moved back to the spiritual community she grew up on, Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida. For a full bio check out Yoga With Durgaya’s bio page.

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Kula Journal, Grounded Yoga Laughter ElevationCheryl Crawford, ERYT- 500, RCYT, B.S.Ed.,Yoga Teacher, Co-Grounder Cheryl Crawford, mother of triplets, is the co-founder of Grounded, Get Grounded Foundation, and Grounded for Good non-profit yoga service initiative. Cheryl has been a yoga teacher since 2003. Her classes are fun yet powerful invitations to connect to your heart, your strength, and your vision. She is committed to sharing her experience of artfully finding the balance between serious alignment and playful expansion. She is privileged to work with a diverse range of kids, teens and adults. Her greatest discovery is in the authentic and respectful conversations with her own teenage daughters and their classmates. That’s what fuels her studio classes and trainings. Cheryl has been recognized by local, national and international media for her work in yoga education for children and teens, and was chosen to be the first Lululemon Ambassador in Atlanta. Cheryl listens to the wisdom of the children and teaches from her highest self.

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Uma Simon is the Resident Intuitive at Kashi Ashram and is also the Spiritual Explorer at Ma’s India, a great gift store where she answers questions like what’s a good incense and how do you know when you found your guru? For personal readings you can contact her at 772-388-0903 or see her at www.umasimon.com.


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Ayanna Kafi is an Atlanta based yogi, hoop dancer, teacher, writer, performer, and Reiki master. She has worked with children for the past decade but prides herself in having a teaching style that appeals to all generations. She strives to express love through all of her actions and teach others to do the same. You can visit her at http://www.ayannakafi.wordpress.com or email her at ayannakafi@gmail.com.

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Carter Tracy, M.Div is an astrologer and an eco-activist. After 18 years in Atlanta, Georgia, Carter moved to Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico and then spent a summer living at the Lama Foundation north of Taos, New Mexico. Carter now lives in Providence, Rhode Island. She publishes the Moon Manifesting Workbook, a guide to co-creating new possibilities with the cycle of the Moon.

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