Alignment Cues

This blog will give lots of instruction on alignment. Alignment is important because it is what offers us healing on and off the mat. Proper alignment can take years to understand and while I hope this blog helps you to have a safe practice, nothing compares to going to class and learning what proper alignment feels like in your body from a qualified teacher. Practicing yoga out of alignment can lead to injuries that may take years to heal. Practicing a Wide Angle Forward Fold with proper alignment can open the back and side of your legs, release neck and spine tension and even act as a prep pose for headstand; however practicing this pose out of alignment can overstretch the hamstrings, damage your knees and even harm your sacrum. One of the best things you can do for your home practice is to commit to following proper alignment. Set the intention to practice yoga in alignment and you will gain a deeper level of self-awareness and bring a deeper purpose to our practice. On a physical level, proper alignment prevents injury, helps build body awareness and can even heal old injuries. Work with alignment the best you can and you will find a new sense of freedom in your body and life.