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Belly Dance Bliss and Heartbreak

I’m Ayanna Kafi and I am a belly dancer. My 12th grade English teacher said that if you like an author read everything they’ve ever written then read everything their ...


French Creams ~ a yogis treat

  8 oz Semi- Sweet Chocolate (Toblers, Bakers, Nestle ~ 5oz candies) 1 cup sifted Confectioner’s Sugar 1 TBSP Milk 1 Egg well-beaten 1 cup finely chopped nuts (pecan meal) ...


5 Rules for Conscious Unemployment:

Whether you’re recently jobless, or have been floating around in the unemployed ethers for months, you know it takes daily effort to keep a positive outlook.  Having been gainfully “part-time” ...

Warrior 3


ok, ok, so…i know what i said yesterday. back to work and trim the fat and all that. and so, at 445 i was up and hydrating, getting ready for ...



We are Lions.  Why do we act like Sheep?  I spent so much of my life believing the self-limiting, self-defeating thoughts that kept me in the pasture.  Thank God I ...,r:14,s:288,i:50

Comfort Food Won’t Help: Identifying the Imposter

Underlying all trauma is the consequent feeling of powerlessness. The other day I over-reacted to somebody with anger for what I felt was her irrationality.  While true, she didn’t deserve ...