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Namaste: from your heart to outer space!

I live on a beautiful ashram in a small beach town in Florida. The setting would be perfect for a Hollywood movie where a young yogini has a magical adventure ...



We are Lions.  Why do we act like Sheep?  I spent so much of my life believing the self-limiting, self-defeating thoughts that kept me in the pasture.  Thank God I ...,r:14,s:288,i:50

Comfort Food Won’t Help: Identifying the Imposter

Underlying all trauma is the consequent feeling of powerlessness. The other day I over-reacted to somebody with anger for what I felt was her irrationality.  While true, she didn’t deserve ...

Kula Journal, Mr. T, When to Shut Up

When to Speak Up & When to Shut Up

Speaking our truths can be the best and hardest thing that we ever do, but how do we know when to speak up and when to shut up.   Words ...

Kula Journal, Kashi Ashram, Best of Kashi Ashram 2012, Top Yoga Blogs

The Best of Kashi Ashram 2012! The Results Are In!

Best Secret Getaway: The Shirdi House Caboose     The Shirdi Caboose is officially a must see when visiting or living on Kashi Ashram. From the outside you would never ...

Kula Journal, The Inhale and Exhale of Charlotte's Web

The Inhale and Exhale of Charlotte’s Web ~ by Cheryl Crawford

Charlotte’s Web is a celebration of the quiet virtues. It reminds us to keep a soft tender heart, accept our true nature, and value the unique gifts of our friends. ...