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Durgaya Barebones Yoga Workshop

Bare Bones Yoga Workshop!

Register today! email me at or call Kashi School of Yoga directly at 772-589-1403 ex 0

Crow Pose, durgaya,

Crow Pose Made Easy!

Check out this video for an easy guide to Crow Pose (Bakasana).


Sunrise Yoga

This morning practice will begin by candlelight surrounded by sacred temples on a dock over the water on Kashi Ashram. As the Sun begins to rise, our focus will be ...


Intro to Advanced Poses

    Sunday, Jan. 13, 1-3pm, $20 This workshop will review the basic principles of Headstand, Crow and Handstand in a fun, supportive atmosphere. Learn how props and alignment principles can ...

Big Brested Women, Kula Journal,

BIG BREASTED WOMEN ~ by Madison Holley

I’m a big breasted woman. All my life I have had to endure comments about my breasts from stupid men. When I was in college, there was a guy who ...