Five tips for starting a home practice you’ll love:

I converted this in home office into my at home yoga room.

  1. Set your intention: Your home practice will look different if your intention is to meditate and get grounded, than if your intention is to get moving and get in shape. Try to get a clear idea on what you are hoping to gain from your home practice and write it down. It can be as simple as “I want to look better in my skinny jeans”, or something more complex like “I want to feel centered and joyful throughout my day.” With a clear intention you now have a guide for creating a practice that will bring you fulfillment.
  2. Find the time: Once you know what you want from your practice you will need to find the time to work it in to your daily or weekly routine. Be realistic about how much time you are willing to devote to yourself in this way. It won’t help to try to set aside an hour everyday only to feel like you have failed by not sticking to your commitment. Start with twenty minutes and as you get more comfortable with your practice you can begin to add ten minute increments working yourself to an hour or even 75 minutes a day. Set aside a time that you can consistently roll out your mat and practice. If you just try to fit it in whenever you get the chance, it will be much harder to practice on a regular basis.
  3. Claim your space: Okay, it’s time to find a space in your home that will offer few distractions and lots of creativity. Whether you roll out your yoga mat in the kitchen or stake a claim in another part of your house, make the space your own. Try to bring things into this room that will help get you motivated and reconnect you to your original intention. Hang pictures of poses that you want to be able to do or of a teacher that inspires you. Make your own yoga play list, or have videos that you love available. Anything that helps you feel connected to a deeper purpose or a greater good will make this room more inviting, and help you build momentum for your home practice. Once you start your practice you don’t want to have to leave your space, this will only offer distractions. Try to have a clock present and visible so you know how much time you have been practicing and how much time you have left. Bring water into the room and maybe even a towel if you plan on getting sweaty.
  4. Sam has cleared a wall in her kitchen so she can work on inversions between classes.

  5. Know what you like: Finally have an idea on what poses you like or what sequences really make you feel good. If your day is better after back bends then have a few back-bends in your regular routine. If you like forward bends to calm you down or arm balances to build your strength, then have a few you are comfortable practicing. If there is a pose that you are working on or a pose that you would love to be able to do, practice it every chance you get.
  6. Keep it interesting: As your home practice becomes more advanced and life affirming continue to go to class. Check in with your yoga instructor every once and awhile and get an idea on what it is that you need to work on. If you don’t like what your instructor suggests chances are you need to work on it everyday because it’s exactly what you need to get balanced, or you need a new instructor. Learning new things will help keep your practice interesting.


Check back on this site often and e-mail me if you have something that you really want to work on. Good luck and enjoy!

Love & Gratitude


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6 Responses

  1. Brandie says:

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has birghtneed my day!

    • Durgaya says:

      Hi Brandi! I’m glad you liked this post, and thanks for the great comment. I hope you get the chance to start a home practice you love. Let me know if you run into any setbacks or if you need any extra motivation along the way!

  2. Ayanna pointed me here, pleased to meet you! Thank you so much for this post, especially about setting intentions. I am just starting a home practice and intend to use the opportunity to become best friends with my body. I can’t wait to take more classes and learn more, it’s all so exciting. Love!