The Best of Kashi Ashram 2012! The Results Are In!

Best Secret Getaway: The Shirdi House Caboose

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The Shirdi Caboose is officially a must see when visiting or living on Kashi Ashram. From the outside you would never know this very unique temple was available for you to sit and enjoy. I guess the secret is out!







Best Place to Spot an Alligator: The Original Boardwalk

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The first ever AIDS memorial boardwalk was built on Kashi Ashram in 1994. “In the years since the boardwalk was built, the planks have filled up with the names of our many loved ones, friends, family members and even pets. Every name on the boardwalk holds a story. A particularly poignant section has the name of children who knew who died of AIDS. Another section has people who lived their last days or weeks at the River House. In another area are names of many of the people we would visit in West Palm Beach, at the county home and other resident hospices.” Memorial Boardwalk






Best House For a Holiday Breakfast: Kashi House

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If you have ever visited Kashi Ashram on a holiday you know we love any and every excuse to get together and eat. Every house has an amazing spread of breakfast food, each with it’s own house flavor. Kashi House won this year’s best of, so make sure you stop by for a pancake or just to say hi:)




Best Community Dinner Option: Indian Food

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What can we say about the cooks who continually put out food worth traveling across the world for (and many do)! Residents enjoy dinner at least three nights a week and every meal makes you happy to be a vegetarian. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!







Best Place to be Outside at Night: Dock Overlooking The Ganga

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This dock has held many events including graduations, weddings and even memorials. It has also not held up on some of those occasions, but we still love it!








Best Place For Lunch on a Tuesday: Hanuman House

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If you don’t know now you know! Mata Ram brings everyone together every Tuesday for a delicious lunch and a much needed mid day social hour. Thanks Mata Ram:)








 Best Form of Ashram Exercise: Yoga

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If you’re looking for the residents on a week night Kashi School of Yoga is where you will find us! Offering classes in Kali Natha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Mediation we just can’t seem to stay away.



Most Missed Ashram Tradition: Community Sanibel Trips

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It turns out we all miss our Sanibel Trips as much as you would think. Years ago everyone use to pile in our cars and drive down the coast to Sanibel. The days were spent with Ma Jaya on the beach and the evenings were spent playing games and hanging out with gurubai. It was a beautiful time!





Best Thanksgiving Dessert at Kashi Atlanta: Swami Jaya Devi’s Pumpkin

Pie & Whip Cream

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Yoga Achariya Swami Jaya Devi has a knack for doing more than teach an amazing yoga class, she is also a great cook! She can make a 9 grain oatmeal taste delicious even on a detox diet and her Thanksgiving desserts are something people look forward to all year. Just another reason to visit Kashi Atlanta!






Best Halloween Costume in Kashi Atlanta: Skanda as Wander Women

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Our Atlanta Urban Ashram knows how to party like the Avengers and this Halloween Costume proves it. If you’ve never been to Kashi Altanta it’s worth the trip! Consistency voted readers pick for “Best Yoga in Altanta” they also have a community of people who are easy to love.






Thanks for all your votes!

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