We are Lions.  Why do we act like Sheep?  I spent so much of my life believing the self-limiting, self-defeating thoughts that kept me in the pasture.  Thank God I found Yoga and the Lions of Yoga; Indra Devi, BKS Iyengar, Pattahi Jois, Father Joe Pereira,  Eddie Modestini, Nicki Doane,  Baron Baptiste and Sri T. Krishnamacharya.

Osha Zen Tarot

Osha Zen Tarot

“Baaaa Baaaa!” Bleated the Lion.
Yes, you read it correctly.  There once was a Lion who thought he was a sheep…

Nothing against sheep, but c’mon everyone.  Why do we follow the flock and agree with everyone else, when we know things are not the way they should be?  Why do we give up our power to make decisions and go along with the crowd?  Why do we bleat at injustice, hate, ignorance when we really should be Roaring?

Having lost his mother at birth.  The lion cub grew up by accident amongst the sheep grazing and bleating like them.  He always felt that he was different, but accepted that he was one of the sheep.  The young Lion-sheep grew up to be big and strong, but continued to follow along with the others, eating grass, walking and bleating like the rest of the flock.  His life was comfortable, but rather dull, lifeless and boring.  But he knew in his Lion Heart that something was missing.

One day an Old Lion came from the wild jungle to the tame pasture.  All the terrified sheep ran to hide.  The Old Lion was astounded to see the Lion-sheep hiding behind the barn!

“Why are you running from me?” The Old Lion asked.

“Baaa bad man.  Leave us bbbbbe!”  Bleated the the Lion/Sheep.

The Old Lion looked and listened with amazement.

“Come with me.”  He said as he dragged the Young Lion-Sheep to the lake.

The Lion/sheep cried and wept all the way to the lake.  Once they arrived at the lake the Old Lion forced the Lion/Sheep to look into the water.

When he saw his reflection he suddenly Roared like a Lion.  In that moment the bleating was gone and the Lion remained.  The Old Lion went on his way.

The Young Lion walked confidently and humbly (maybe a little sheepishly!)  back to the flock to give thanks, he told his family of sheep that he would watch over them

from the jungle, but that he had a destiny to be wild, free and who he was born to be.

You are a Lion, my friend.  Don’t forget who you really are. OM.

Kula Journal Blogger, Ryan Lion,

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