The Price of Being Delicious


Read this poem and see if you can guess what’s on this yogini’s mind. It’s a little dark;)




I am naked again, I know this means the end is near.
Last time I lay like this was the beginning,
The beginning of life on my own;
I had a family once, we were so close we were fused together,
a bond of thick, silky dark delight
But that did not save us from ruthless forced separation.


In my youth, marked by naivety,
I was scooped away from everything I knew.
Pieces of me overflowing the constraints of the metal
This metal, a kidnappers tool,  pieces of me
Willingly falling into the comfort of my family below,
I was now on my own.


Left to harden in this cold world,
I was forced to take a solid form.
My individuality taken,
I was branded, I now wear squares and a logo
Both on my skin and the skin they forced upon me.
My new “shell”, robes me of my sight


I was sent on a long journey.
I felt alone, but I knew it was only the darkness
That made me feel this way.
I could smell rich sweetness
The sign of others like me.
all placed on display, along with what I assume
can only be other kidnapped members of my kind.


Now I lay here, my skin exposed
The perfect mix of dark coco and cream.
I am marvelous, I know it and so do these eyes staring at my naked skin.
I see hunger and desire in those eyes,
I can only hope that what comes next is quick and painless
But alas I fear this glutton, this heartless assassin
Will enjoy every last ounce of me, one piece at a time.


Love & Gratitude,

Kula Journal, Intuitively Charged Yoga, Durgaya Palmieri

About Durgaya Palmieri

Durgaya Palmieri is the creator and yoga instructor behind Kula Journal. Her love of yoga and community has lead her to the create KJ and to continue to seek out new contributors and readers who will enrich our yoga community with truly inspirational post, teachings and musings. Durgaya recently moved back to the spiritual community she grew up on, Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida. For a full bio check out Yoga With Durgaya's bio page.