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We love community and hope to grow in consciousness and numbers by sharing ideas and inspirations through this site. We warn you, joining us usually causes laughter, growth and deep reflection of what it means to be a modern day yogi.  The following is a number of ways to join, pick one!


We are looking for well written introspective blog posts to share with the community. We ask that each post be between 300-1000 words, but by nature we are flexible and will re-post truly inspiring pieces that go below or above this word count. We reserve the right to edit any posts but will not make major changes without the writers consent. Every post will end with a short bio, including a photograph and a link to any contact or website information. E-mail us to get any direction or timeline for your post. If you do not hear back form Durgaya in 48 hours, check the address and try again (we would hate to miss out on a great blog simply because of technical mishaps). Bloggers will receive promotional material to promote our Kula and their personal blog posts.  If any part of your submitted post has previously been published, make sure to let us know for legal reasons.


We are currently building a collection of short 1-5 minute videos of our readers telling us why they love yoga. This is a simple, great way to tune into our growing intuitive Kula.


One of the main goal of Kula Journal is to share ideas and inspire with the Yoga Community. If you are interested in advertising on Kula Journal and connecting with the entire Yoga Community, please send an email to