Show Your CrossFit Body Some Love With These 5 Poses

Counter the strength building benefits of your WOD with these 5 poses and your CrossFit body will be hot enough for the beach and limber enough to live your days pain free!


1. Counter your Dead Lifts with this front body opener, and you’ll get all the strength training without the tight shoulders or quadriceps.

Kula Journal, Crossfit, Treasure Coast Crossfit, Anusara, Top Yoga BlogsFORM: From Sampson Stretch drop your back knee so that your hips are on the same plain

ACTION: With both hands on your front knee squeeze your inner thighs towards each other and lift through the center of your chest.

FORM: Bring your shoulders up and back as you interlace your hands behind your back.

This stretch is for the front of your back thigh and the front of your chest.


2. Jumping rope is great for your heart but can tighten your hamstrings. Counter your Double-Unders, with this hamstring stretch.

Kula Journal, Treasure Coast Crossfit, Crossfit, Top Yoga Blogs, Anusara

FORM: From Sampson Stretch, drop your back knee and place your fingertips on the floor or two blocks.

ACTION: flex every muscle, from your toes to your hips and straighten your front leg. (The flexing action will protect you from pulling your hamstring)

Advance this pose by lifting your back knee off the mat and squaring your hips to the front of the room.


3. Keep your thigh muscles long and lean with this upper thigh stretch.

Kula Journal, Treasure Coast Crossfit, Crossfit, AnusaraFORM: Reach your arms out to your sides, and step your feet wide enough to align your ankles with your wrists, or shorter if needed.

FORM: Align your feet so they are parallel to each other and not pigeon toed out or in.

ACTION: Flex your feet so that your calf muscles engage.

FORM: Bend your left leg and straighten your right. Point your toes on your straight leg directly towards the ceiling, aligning your two middle toes with your ankle and knee.

ACTION: Continue to flex keep your right foot flexed.


4. Use gravity to Counter Handstand Push-Ups by releasing tension in your lower back and neck.

Kula Journal, Treasure Coast CrossFit, Anusara, Standing Forward FoldFORM: Stand with your feet hip distance apart.

ACTION: Root your feet into the earth by engaging your calf muscles.

FORM: Lift your shoulders up and back to clasp your hands behind your tailbone.

ACTION: Flex your CrossFit guns (biceps) and allow a slight bend your elbows.

ACTION: Inhale and lean forward, leading with the center of your chest. Keep your shins strong and when ready come back up with a nice flat back.


5. Ease your sore hips with this simple hip stretch!

Kula Journal, Treasure Cost CrossFit, Anusara

FORM: Sit with the bottom part of your feet together and spine up long.

ACTION: With your feet flexed press your two big toe mounds together and keep your feet engaged. Press the knife-edge of your feet into the mat and allow your ankles to be even on all four sides.

FORM: If your knees are above your hips then elevate you hips with a blanket or block, and your lower back will start to release tension in the pose.


I recently fell in love with CrossFit thanks to the owners and fellow CrossFiters at Treasure Coast CrossFit! These stretches have helped me stay limber and pain free after my workouts, and I hope you get the same benefits.

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