Are You a Sleeping Beauty? ~ By Uma Simon

Is that Sleeping Beauty myth still around? Are little girls still being read that fable? Sometimes as I do readings for women, I see how they are still caught in that myth, still waiting for Prince Charming to awaken them with a kiss. What I also see is that some of these women who have given up on Prince Charming have substituted other myths, such as when I get that job, when I graduate from that prestigious school, when I win that lawsuit.  Instead of some day my prince will come; it has become some day when I finally get it together, lose weight, dye my hair, run that mile, etc. Interesting how “some day” has become a mantra for us, keeping us in the Sleeping Beauty castle of fear.

The other day when I read for a lady whom I will call Teresa, I asked her to tell me one of her “some days.” She told me that she knew she would be happy if “some day” she could forgive this man who had abandoned her many times, but was now saying that he had changed and wanted to be with her.  In fact, she had spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how to be more open-hearted with him and chastising herself for that inability. Because of now popular new age cultural beliefs that we must “forgive,” she had added an additional burden to herself. I told her she had a right to those feelings since this guy had truly betrayed her trust and hurt her. I also said that if an arm is broken, nobody expects the person to lift weight on that arm until it was healed. She was asking herself to do something that had not been healed in her. It was this guy’s job now to show her he could be trusted by his actions. However, even his becoming trustworthy was not the issue, because that might never happen.  She must know she could rely upon and trust herself. I immediately saw her relax; she felt relieved and energized as she saw a “way out” of a myth she had constructed around herself, again a New Age myth, not truly vetted.

Alysia Wood Head Shot, Kula Journal

We think we have come a long way, and similar to that old commercial in the 40’s showing women smoking to show their liberation. Who knew that their liberation would cause them cancer some day?  While we might not subscribe as wholeheartedly to the Sleeping Beauty myth now, there is a lot of what I call New Age myths still circulating. Try these: We must love everybody, have compassion for all, forgive anybody that hurts us, intentionally or otherwise, be mothers and bread earners simultaneously, etc.,etc.. It’s like the Army’s slogan “Be all that you can be,” and how many of those soldiers are coming back not only without limbs but disillusioned and suicidal from perpetuating a myth that it’s democracy we are protecting, not oil rights.

How free are we in this society; how real are these beliefs that we struggle under? When I became very ill many years ago and was forced to stay quiet, the gift I received was that I began to listen to my intuition and discard some of the myths under which I labored. Be careful that when you join a particular society of beliefs that you think is freeing because everybody is jumping on that wagon, that you are not being imprisoned in another way.  When you are still and quiet, you can at last hear your own voice, free of myth and full of truth.

Kula Journal Contributor, Uma Simon, Kashi Ashram,

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