Yoga With Durgaya

Durgaya Palmieri, Jason Reed, The Home School of Yoga, Lotus Pose, Balancing

 “When you relax your body and split the tension, you are letting the breath keep you young and in the moment” ~ Ma Jaya

At 18 years old I left the cozy Ashram life, the only one I had known, to go to out into the “world”. I was having so much fun learning about Dave Mathews and making friends with people named Eric and Angela, I forgot all about my yoga and meditation practice. Searching for balance in myself, between my newfound freedom and the practices that made me feel at home, it wasn’t long before I ended up right back on my yoga mat, and I’ve been there ever since.

Growing up on Kashi Ashram with Ma Jaya, my Guru, I was taught meditation, conscious movement and the power of community from a young age. Beyond these teachings Ma Jaya was always encouraging me to see my highest self and to honor the highest in others.

I became a Classical Yoga Instructor in 2009 under the graceful instruction of Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati. During training I started practicing with Isvari Verre, one of the senior teachers trained in Anusara Yoga. I was especially drawn towards her class and Anusara Yoga, because I felt that the alignment techniques where easing my chronic back pain. I have since been on the path of Anusara training and completed Anusara Immersion with Gina Minyard in February 2011 and Teacher Training Level 1 with Christina Sell and Level 2 with Jordon Bloom. I have had the honor of studying with many Anusara teachers including John Friend.



In May of 2010, my friend Neda Honavar and I started Tough Love Yoga. In 2011 we received the Best of Atlanta for Alternative Exercise from the Creative Loafing and that same year I was a lead teacher at Wanderlust in the City representing TLY. I later began studying Kali Natha Yoga, created by Ma Jaya. The transformational power of Kali Natha Yoga is something I will spend my life discovering and offering to others.

In January of 2012 I moved back to Kashi Ashram. Since moving home I have incorporated everything I have learned from my teachers into a conscious yoga style that aims to heal and refresh the body and soul. Join me for a variety of class levels, energy work or follow my blog for special events and yoga musings.

Love & Gratitude,