Yoga With Durgaya, Kids Yoga, Sustainable Kashi, Kashi Ashram  Kids Yoga:

Kids Yoga on Kashi Ashram is a great way to teach the next generation how to move, breathe, and play consciously in their bodies and hearts. Whether the group is becoming a forest of interwoven trees or leaping through the air with the strength of Hanuman kids love yoga!




Beginners Yoga:

If you are just getting started in yoga an introduction to poses and breath work will make a public class more assessable and enjoyable. Join me for a one-time session or a packet of three and you will have a foundation for a strong healing practice that you can build on in-group classes.




Sunrise Yoga On Kashi Ashram with Durgaya, Yoga With Durgaya, Sustainable Kashi, Kashi Ashram

Sunrise Yoga on Kashi Ashram:

This morning practice will begin by candlelight surrounded by sacred temples on a dock over the water on Kashi Ashram. As the Sun begins to rise, our focus will be on the sacred space created as we move, breathe and stretch in unity with the elements of the environment around us.




Dancer Pose with Durgaya, Yoga With Durgaya, Sustainable Kashi, Kashi AshramBeach Body Yoga:

If you’re looking to get in shape, but you’re not interested in weightlifting or going to the gym, we will get you beach ready from the inside out with these private sessions. Enhance areas you love and sculpt areas you want to love. Feel better from the inside out as we work one on one to give your body a balanced healthy glow.




Eka Pada Koundinyasana with Durgaya, Arm Balance, Yoga With Durgaya, Sustainable Kashi, Kashi AshramAdvanced Poses:

Are you ready to start practicing advanced poses, but nervous to jump into something you are not ready for? With a private Advanced Posture Workshop we will break down advanced poses and use yoga props to learn the actions of the pose. A one-on-one session includes a warm up and poses breakdowns that will change your yoga practice.




These private and group yoga sessions are available upon request.  Email for pricing and scheduling information.

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