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Because I entered class as a near beginner, there have been several poses that I originally could not do at all, but now can (Crow, Wheel Pose, Pigeon Pose, and Headstand are the major ones). Durgaya gave really helpful advice about how to get into and hold poses. As a fairly flexible person, I can frequently get into poses, but have difficulty sustaining them. Durgaya helped me learn to use my muscular energy to hold many of the poses I had difficulty with. I also think I was able to finally get some of these poses by opening myself up to the possibility of accomplishing them. Durgaya’s class really fostered a wonderful environment that made it easier to dispel fear and to approach poses with a positive, non judgmental attitude. This positive, open feeling is something that I’ve tried to carry with me out of class into the rest of my life.

~Diana Valk

The yoga sessions Durgaya leads are challenging and fun. In a workshop she helped us understand what is supposed to happen in the posture by dissecting each part step by step and then reconstructing it. This helped us better understand and experience how each position comes together for a full expression.
Another strength is Durgaya’s ability to assess and work with each person to modify postures so they are safe yet vigorous. For example, the pigeon pose is a challenging one for me. After her guidance the pose is still challenging yet not harmful because of the modifications. So, now, I experience this posture in a way that is still very active yet safe. It was a positive and insightful change for me.
Best. Jane


I am a former collegiate strength and conditioning coach and have been in the fitness industry for over 13 years.  I have taken my own fitness to a new level through my yoga practice with Durguya.  Her teachings have added a new element to my training routine.   She has extensive knowledge in anatomy, proper mechanics, and programming.  I have the utmost respect for her as a colleague and would refer her to my personal training clients.  Durgaya will help you safely and effectively  whether you are looking to increase your strength, flexibility, or overall health.  And did I mention that she is not only an amazing teacher but an amazing person as well!

~ Casey Curson


Durgaya’s accessible teaching style and creative, easy-to-understand alignment cues helped my practice grow more in three months of taking her classes than throughout the previous three years combined. Regardless of level or style, she seems to know exactly when to encourage us to stretch “one more place” and when to give us a bit of a break. The thought she puts into her sequencing is evident, and she manages to pack a lot of dynamic poses into an hour without ever making her students feel rushed. Really the only criticism I can offer is that she has pretty much ruined other yoga teachers for me – I try to go with an open mind and take what I can from the class, but whatever that elusive “it” is, she’s got it and many others do not. Durgaya inspires me to continue to grow on and off the mat, and my life and practice are richer from having studied with her.

~ Ellie J


Initially when my roommate told me to come to yoga I was a little hesitant since yoga is a female dominated activity in the states. However, from the first time I stepped into Durgaya’s class with my tight hamstrings I can say I have come a long way!

The most interesting part of class, for me was the alignment tips, such as Inner Spirals and scooping the tailbone. I could clearly see Durgaya do it, and the change it caused in her body alignment but I struggled with it at first. Now I am somewhat getting a hold on these and I feel a lot of different when I get into my poses.

I still remember 4 months ago when I first tried Downward Facing Dog at home. It was so hard to do and it was so difficult to hold it. I am still working on getting this pose right but now in yoga class I wait for the Down Dog moment and jump into it. It’s finally a feel good pose in my body!


Durgaya made my favorite persons list the instant I met her…and she’s pretty good at this yoga thing also. She keeps yoga fun, inspires you to try things you might not believe are possible, and breaks it down so that they are possible. I think what sets her apart is her giftedness as a teacher. I’ve noticed some instructors either don’t really teach, or even worse, they sound like a professor in a lecture hall; when Durgaya teaches its painless and virtually subliminal.

~ John L.

I came to Durgaya’s class during a period of transition, when I was really trying to get together the focus, discipline and courage to push myself into a new phase of my life. One of the things I love about Durgaya’s method is the fact that she makes connections between the physical yoga practice and the emotional or spiritual skills it is designed to nurture, setting an intention before each class as to what we can apply the day’s yoga practice to in our lives. She is also able to articulate body awareness very well, to explain proper alignment and some of the subtle things at work when the body goes through each asana, so that the exercise becomes about more than just trying to mimic a posture. Through this she’s able to gently push even the bodies of beginners to challenging positions–which brings a sense of pride and power that you, the student, can carry beyond the yoga studio. Durgaya’s is definitely a powerful practice, one which develops the peace and focus that support fearless living.

~Chantal James


After practicing yoga with Durgaya, I fell in love! She has been a great teacher and motivator. I never thought I would be able to make my body go into a headstand, but with teaching proper alignment I found that with practice you can make your body do just about anything. Yoga will now be a part of my life forever in one form or another.

~Laura Sian



My practice with Yoga has been one which has wavered on and off. Durgaya has inspired me to come back and take care of myself. She is brilliant in her depth of knowledge and intuition. She sees things that I just don’t, or even feel. She is extremely aware of not only her own body, but others’ as well. Though she challenges you to take your practice further, she is also gentle and kind, You will never feel the spirit of competition in her class, at least from her. If you are curious about Yoga, or wish to explore more avenues, I highly recommend learning from Durgaya.

~Karen K.


I first met Durgaya when she was teaching a class in the park. I fell in love with her smile, energy, and teaching style – it’s hard not to. Durgaya’s classes are a perfect fit for me, a really good balanced practice with meditation, alignment, and challenging asanas that she knows how to break down and make accessible even to beginners.

I took her Power Hour Yoga series twice! I saw the most progress during the series. I have never done a headstand before and at the end of the series I was doing tripod headstand and arm balances like bakasana. I think the key to progress is to practice on your own, outside of classes – I usually don’t have the energy or motivation to do so, but Durgaya’s classes inspired me and I left every class with new goals for myself until the next class.

I have gone to many yoga classes in Atlanta, with different teachers. Durgaya’s classes are on top of my list!

~Alexandra Anghelescu

Durgaya’s warm smile and playful spirit, makes her Yoga classes a pleasure. Durgaya is a wonderful teacher, who has helped me greatly in my Yoga practice. She identifies my strengths and encourages me to take the next step. Durgaya noticed that I had a decent crow pose, and encouraged me to transition from the crow, and push up into a handstand. I was shocked, that I was able to do it. I’m grateful, and look forward to her classes.

~ Michael Dinatale